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Major League Baseball Bitcoin Betting

Of all the sports out there to bet on Baseball is the best one to specialize in or to bet on for fun. The reason is that there are many more games played in MLB than in any other sport or league. That means if you can find an edge you have the most opportunities to realize that edge and profit from it. Also with such quick turnaround between games you can see your staking plans turn over and come off much faster.

Let’s see how much of a difference this makes by comparing MLB to other popular sports for betting on and let’s say you have found a way to profit, on average, ฿0.004 per game in your chosen sport.

Sport/League Games Per Week Games Per Season ฿0.004 Profit Per Game
National Football League 15 255 ฿1.02
English Premier League (soccer) 15 380 ฿1.52
National Basketball Association 50 1230 ฿4.92
Major League Baseball 90 2430 ฿9.72

At the same profit per game you will make almost 10 times more betting on baseball than you would on the NFL! This means you can bet more conservatively, risk less, and still make more money!

All the extra games also allows you to test and try out different betting and staking models during the season. With MLB you can run a system for a few weeks and have a pretty good data sample allowing you to get a feel for it, refine it, or write it off if it’s not working. Meanwhile to get the same amount of data for a European soccer league would take almost the whole season! Not practical for something you just want to test out to see how it works.

Oh and if you are just betting for fun you get the most entertainment from baseball as there are more games to enjoy wagering on.

Where to Bet on Baseball With Bitcoin

The 2 best bitcoin sportsbooks are Jetwin and Nitrogen, they are quite different when it comes to baseball betting. Jetwin has listed pitcher betting backed up by the best overall customer experience and casino, while Nitrogen have action betting, often with the best odds which you should check on our MLB Odds Comparison Tables. Both offer money line, spread and total runs betting. It’s so quick, easy and anonymous to sign up and deposit that I have an account at both and I recommend you do the same to find out which one you prefer.

Listed Pitcher or Action Bets

The biggest difference between betting on baseball and other sports is the huge impact the starting pitchers have on the game and therefor on the odds. This has given rise to the industry standard of listed pitcher betting. This means that the starting pitchers will be listed at the time you make your bet and if there is a change to the starting pitchers those bets will be refunded and new betting markets with the new pitchers and odds will be made available for betting.

The alternative is action betting where your bets will stand no matter what, even if there is a change in starting pitcher, but the odds you got before the pitcher change will be changed to the odds that are posted after the pitcher change is posted. Be aware that Nitrogen MLB bets are action where as Jetwin and everyone else’s are listed pitcher.

Good luck and have fun betting and gambling!

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